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I'm trying to restore my Windows XP installation by making it bootable again. Windows 7 took control over the bootloader.

I'm using EasyBCD to update the Windows 7 bootloader however I cannot make the Windows XP entry (second one) point to D:\ (where it is installed). EasyBCD always enters C:\ just like the Windows 7 (which is the one on C:), even when I manually assign D:\ in EasyBCD when adding a new entry. Am I doing something wrong? Is my Disk Management showing something which might be wrong?


Disk management

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It's supposed to be C:\

That's not the drive that Windows is on, it's the drive that easyldr or ntldr is on. Don't mess with it. Add the entry from the "Add New Entry" page with the checkbox for auto-detection checked or by manually choosing D: from the drop-down, and don't play with anything else. Just reboot and it'll work.

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Did you manually add the entry for XP?


more screenshots http://neosmart.net/gallery/album/view/neosmart/EasyBCD/EasyBCD+2.0/

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Uuhm: "even when I manually assign D:\ in EasyBCD when adding a new entry". So yes :) –  ropstah Jul 27 '10 at 1:16

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