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I bought a cute little NAS box (MyBookWorld) that runs a samba server. It's also got a mDNS server on it, and I've got bonjour installed on my windows box, so i can say ping orm.local and it looks up the IP address just fine. I can open up \\\ in explorer and that works just fine, but if I try to go to \\orm.local\ I get "the network path was not found".

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try to do some work from command promt:

  1. ping by IP and host name
  2. ns lookup by host name
  3. check DNS settings on the box, computer and router
  4. from the computer: command promt: msconfig /flushdns
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The reason why it didn't work was that the mdns resolver was returning an auto-configured ipv6 address, but the samba server didn't support ipv6. Disabling ipv6 on the interface fixes the problem.

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