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I am using Microsoft Outlook on Windows7. To organize my mails I have created rules to automatically send the email to a subfolder in the Inbox when mails are there from certain people. But I don't get any notification for these mails.

How to enable notification for the mails moved into subfolder because of Rules?

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Yeah, this has been relly giving me problems for a while now. I fixed it by adding another rule before the moving one which notifies me notify move to subfolder

This however is only fixing the symptom of the error but not a fix on the error itself. Maybe this has been fixed in Outlook 2010 ? I'm using 2007.

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I am too on Outlook 2007 but seems to be quiet a basic requirement and notification should have worked with subfolders inside inbox. – Amitabh Jul 27 '10 at 14:04

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