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I've recently had a macbook laptop fall into my possession. It belonged to a friend of mine, but she doesn't want it any more because it doesn't work. From what I understand, the hard drive stopped working in it; more particularly it emitted the distinctive hard drive "death rattle" sound and then the computer stopped being able to boot to mac OS X.

I have the laptop here with a dead hard drive in it. Would it be possible to go on or somewhere of the sort and order a new laptop hard drive, say, a Western Digital Scorpio:

and install it in the laptop? And even if I did that, I don't have a mac OS X installation CD. Could I just load Windows 7 on it instead?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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The short answer is yes, but it's not going to be exactly like installing on a PC.

Related question with more information here.

Some very important considerations there you should read before proceeding!

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