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What kind of software is there for receiving faxes from a computer? I want to be able to run it on a server so it's always receiving. Something that flexible with how it stores the faxes, and how it sends notifications would be good. I'd also like a good API or some way of adding custom functionality to it for notifications and such.

It will most likely be a Windows server but Linux isn't totally out.

Any thoughts?

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I have quite good experience with hylafax server. Runs on *NIXes.

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I don't know if we'll go for this or not, but it looks pretty good. I was hoping to find some good Windows solutions. – Max Schmeling Aug 4 '09 at 14:00

If you want simple and relatively cheap, Windows XP already contains FAX send/receive software as part of the release. Seems to work fine for my purposes and I can print to the FAX using their FAX printer driver from any windows application.

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I need something more "enterprisy". – Max Schmeling Aug 3 '09 at 1:56

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