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I want to be able to profile my startups and see how long each program takes to startup. I'm running windows 7.

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Soluto does exactly what you are looking for.

Soluto Beta allows you to understand your boot, discover which applications are slowing it down (and keep running later in the background, affecting your ongoing experience), and allows you to significantly improve it. While Soluto Beta focuses on the boot, it already researches for frustrations and helps map the PC Genome, and allows you to share your wisdom with others.

Screenshots taken from the lifehacker article.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Wow, this is amazing, thank you. – ryeguy Aug 1 '10 at 18:43

If you are talking about startups that load when you boot the PC, see the link below, it was written for Vista but applies to W7 as well. There is a lot of info logged by W7.

ZDNet - Microsoft's hidden diagnostic tool unlocks Vista startup secrets

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