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please Audio and video editing and encoding help me! My problem is that:

last week with my camera (Panasonics VDR D160) i have filmed one of my company clinics. Coming home, i move all the .VOB files writed on the mini DVD on my computer. And now start the problems. 1) If i see this files with Vlc i can't go forward to a specific point to see that part of the clinics (that's not happens with power DVD 4) 2) I try to convert those VOB files in an avi files with Format Factory but when I ran this avi on Vlc or Power DVD or other player the video freeze but the audio proceed

My personal solution and request to all the superusers:

1) find a video editing software to split and join the vob files in some mini clip whit the interesting part of the clinics 2) find a player that have the option "go to" a specific time of the VOB files

Any other solution will be appreciated

This clips need me to a clinic that have to be done the next friday (30/08/2010) and the clip will be show with a Projector conncted to my laptop....yes I have very very few hours to solve my problem without a tecnical help

Thanks in advance to everyone that will help my prouposing a solutions am sorry for my worse english

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For point 2)
Try KMPlayer which plays VOB files and has a 'Go to' function (Ctrl+Alt+g).
e.g. to jump to 10min 30sec, 'Ctrl+Alt+g' and enter 10:30

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