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I have installed Fedora 13 lately, however its architecture is i686... i want to install the GNU C Compiler (both c and c++)..... now i searched for i686 architecture gcc but most of them are not compiled.. and are archives e.g., gcc-4.4.1.tar..... Also, some RPMs say about dependencies. Is there a simpler solution?

Can anyone help me with this? How to install Gcc, please bear in mind that i dont have any compiler in Fedora even cc is not there!! I installed fedora from a live cd i got with the Digit Magazine!

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yum install gcc gcc-c++
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Just use Fedora's package manager to install gcc. It will automatically get the right packages for you.

Installing packages is explained e.g. here:

If you installed from a CD, you may have to add other sources for packages, so the package manager knows where to download packages from. This is also explained in the article.

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