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How can I send and receive faxes in Ubuntu using a GSM Network?

Which hardware would you suggest? Which fax client? Would this work easily or is it complicated?

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You will need a GSM module and some PBX program, like Asterisk to do that (you can also create a PBX software using module's API). Take a look at this: and find for "GSM PCI-Express Module" on google. Im sure you will find something on Pika Technologies or Khomp.

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I was also wondering about this; I just need to send fax from Linux via bluetooth phone, though - not receive them. So I thought I'd jot down my notes.

Turns out, there's a program /usr/bin/fax - in Ubuntu, it's installed via sudo apt-get install efax (which is kinda inconvenient for online searches, as "eFax" is also the name of a well-know commercial service website... (and "fax" in itself is bound to get you many poor search results)).

I finally found this thread that seem to talk about exactly this thing, though; and here it is:

sending faxes with t610 - gmane.comp.kde.devel.bluetooth / mailinglist for development of KDE utilities for bluetooth

Actually you can use

 rfcomm bind /dev/frcomm0 <phone-bluetooth-address> 
to bind the bluetooth device to /dev/rfcomm0. You can then use this device as a modem, e.g sending AT commands etc.
A[s] I have a prepaid card, I can not send facsimiles, so consider this also, wheter your provider allows you to send fax papers ;-) ...

Hehe, I also had a long conversation with the hotline of my operator just a minute ago. For some reason I had to dial the fax number without international prefix (+49..).
Well, this is my result - still problems with permissions, but it works. efax also complained a lot about some non-existing lock file at first and I had to create some strange directories first.

$ sudo /usr/bin/fax NAME='fred' DEV=rfcomm0 PAGE=a4 FROM='' send  
'089********' '/tmp/kde-fred/kdeprint_mRL9Bbit'
/tmp/kde-fred/kdeprint_mRL9Bbit.nnn is up-to-date
efax: Wed May 12 16:16:30 2004 efax v 0.9a-001114 Copyright 1999 Ed Casas
efax: 16:32 opened /dev/rfcomm0
efax: 16:33 using Nokia 3650 Nokia Nokia 3650 V 3.16 in class 2.0
efax: 16:34 dialing T0891488297533
efax: 16:49 remote ID -> "   +49 89 ********"
efax: 16:49 connected
efax: 16:56 session 196lpi  9600bps 8.5"/215mm  any   1D    -     -  0ms
efax: 16:56 header:[2004/05/12 16:16  fred p. 1/2]
efax: 17:49 sent 20+2292 lines, 52762+0 bytes, 53 s  7964 bps
efax: 17:49 sent -> /tmp/kde-fred/kdeprint_mRL9Bbit.001
efax: 17:50 header:[2004/05/12 16:16  fred p. 2/2]
efax: 18:13 sent 20+2292 lines, 17649+0 bytes, 23 s  6138 bps
efax: 18:13 sent -> /tmp/kde-fred/kdeprint_mRL9Bbit.002
efax: 18:13 done, returning 0 (success) 

But the quality of faxes really sucks badly. I still prefer a pdf via email ;)

So, apparently it can be done from the command line - but only if your mobile operator has that service for your subscription, I guess...

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