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How do you cycle through notebook windows in Mathematica 7?

Is there a shortcut?

The help system doesn't help.

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On Mac you can use the system shortcut Command+` to cycle through the windows of an application, which works with Mathematica notebooks.

On Windows, you can use Ctrl+F6 to cycle through open notebooks, but only in one direction.

See also the list of keyboard shortcuts.

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Shift + Ctrl + F6 cycles in the other direction (Mathematica 9 under Windows 7) – gdelfino May 8 '14 at 14:07

A bit late but ...

There exists two Front End commands : "CycleNotebooksBackward" and "CycleNotebooksForward", but AFAIK there is no shortcut assigned. Yoy may construct your own.

See this answer for more shortcuts.


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You may be also interested in this Martin's answer in the official newsgroup which explains how to bind CTRL+Tab key for switching between opened notebooks:

One only has to add the following lines to the "" file in order to have the Ctrl+Tab key working in the front end of Mathematica 8 as in Mathematica 4:

Item[KeyEvent["Tab", Modifiers -> {Control}], FrontEndExecute[FrontEndToken["CycleNotebooksForward"]]]

But this is really undocumented by Wolfram Research, I wonder why ...

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