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I use TeamViewer for remote presentation. Is there any software that would allow adding a real-time watermark with my company logo/name on screen?

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I believe that Screen Watermark should be able to do the thing that you're looking for. It's available in binary form only for Win64, but source code is available and it's Qt-based so should compile and run on most platforms. Here's an overview from their (sparse) documentation:

Screen Watermark is an application that overlays an image over the desktop and can act as a flexible watermark on videos or pictures taken directly off the screen. The main use is for adding in a watermark when your video or screen capture software does not support watermarks correctly or at all.

Configuration file is config.xml You can change the default starting position.

Key Bindings: W: one pixel up S: one pixel down A: one pixel left D: one pixel right

TGFH: ten pixels IKJL: twenty pixels

N: 10% more translucent M: 10% less translucent

X: Exit

Call it with your watermark picture's filename as argument.

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Welcome to Super User! When answering questions, solely recommending software is discouraged. If a part of your solution involves the use of a particular piece of software, I would consider using this meta post as a guideline. – KronoS Aug 16 '12 at 17:34
Thanks @KronoS. I'll try to make myself more familiar with the guidelines. – tricasse Aug 21 '12 at 7:58

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