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Okay, I have no clue if anything out there meets these requirements, but I'd like a proxy (for personal use) that can meet these standards:

  • Able to forward HTTP 1.1 traffic. (HTTPS/FTP/etc. not needed)
  • Able to permanently cache certain items. (For example, if an item's expire date is >1 year into the future, write it to disk and read that instead of making a new request.
  • Able to redirect (either silently or with a 302) certain requests based on the URL.
  • Works on Windows Vista Home Premium x32.
  • Is free (either freeware or free software will work).

Also, these features would be nice, but are not required:

  • Supports logging requests
  • Supports authentication
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Squid is a pretty powerful proxy that should be able to do everything you want. I've never used it on windows before, but a quick google shows that it is possible

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As theotherreceive says, SQUID is a very powerful proxy and works just fine on Windows. It will even do LanMan authorisation. See for my walkthrough of installation on Windows.


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Thank you, it seems that squid will suit all my needs. – MiffTheFox Jul 14 '09 at 14:52

I've always been a big fan of the proxy solutions. I'm pretty sure the type of caching you're looking for was added to the HTTPD server in version 2.2.4.

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