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Using a Macintosh with OS X 10.5.7. Unsure how to operate terminal, and trying to install Wine using Mac ports. Unfortunately the sudo command doesn't perform as expected.

******-imac:~ James$ sudo port install wine
-bash: sudo: command not found
******-imac:~ James$

Question: how to install Wine in OS X using the sudo command in the terminal?

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Does /usr/bin/sudo work?

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I agree with David M. Williams. If sudo were found, the response you get would be different than what you're seeing.

The issue is not that "port" is not found. Here's the error you get in that case (and I'm also using bash):

[02:04] Ailsie:data: $ sudo port install wine
sudo: port: command not found
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What is your $PATH variable? This is the variable that tells your computer where to look for executables. It's likely set incorrectly. Please type the following into Terminal, hit Enter, and paste the results in:

echo $PATH


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You most likely have a PATH problem.

What is the output of "echo $PATH" in

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Are you an admin or a normal user? This could possibly be the problem.

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