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Does someone knows a good multithread downloads manager for linux? I am using Lucid Lynx, I use to use multiget but it hasn't been updated since 2007.

I'd like it to support login for sites like rapidshare, something like FlashGet in win.

By multithread I dont only mean multiple downloads but like FlashGet "Jets" feature to download files faster.

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WebDownloade for X seems to do the work.

edit: it doesnt work for rapidshare :(

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A general tool is aria2, but it will not support things like rapidshare, only normal downloads. For sites with hoops for you to jump through, you will need a specialized tool. Also, segmented downloads may not work anyway because they typically restrict you to one active download session per ip address -- you'd need a farm of machines to bypass that.

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For segmented download use axel. Of course it will not work for rapidshare-like services (sessions per IP).

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Have you tried the Firefox plugin DownThemAll? Also, Opera has similar functionality built-in, with very powerful URL grepping from the Links page.

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is this multithread? – cipricus Sep 12 '13 at 13:14

jDownloader does the thing.

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JDownloader from It's indicated for sites like, especially if you have a premium account (you will be automatically be logged in and download at full speed)

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Aria2c is pretty good. Just installed on Fedora 16 and downloading files with no issues.

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xdman from sourceforge ---- best multisegment downloader with firefox integration

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