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I ve downloaded mysql-essential-5.1.49-win32 for their site and installed. After Installing, i tried some internet stuffs(mysqld --console) to verify the installation. I cant get the correct output. I'm very new to SQL...

Can any one tell me how to install a simple SQl for training...

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Download and install this

It's a graphical user interface and will help you with your first steps. Good luck

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"After Installing, i tried some internet stuffs(mysqld --console) to verify the installation."

I'm not sure what you mean by this.

Some thoughts:

  • Is MySQL running as a service? Open the Task Manager using Ctrl-Alt-Del and click the Services tab, then look for "MySQL" in the list.
  • Are you using the MySQL command-line client? Look in the Start menu under MySQL -> MySQL Server [version number], and click "MySQL Command Line Client". For me, a command line window opens and requests my password.
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