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I'm looking for a way to add a custom setting to the list of folder types in Vista (or Windows 7) so that I can use it as a template for other folders.

The template I'd like to add would be identical to All Items, except also have the Date Taken column displayed. How do I add to this list (see image below)?

enter image description here

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I was really curious about this question as well so I tried to look everywhere I could. The farthest I got was this link on MSDN.

It looks like these data you're looking for are stored in the registry key here: hkey_local_machine/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/explorer/FolderTypes

Unfortunately I'm no registry expert so I only went so far as to search out the key and investigate. However, the FOLDERTYPEID constants specified by Microsoft do not appear to be in there. Sorry that's not a complete answer but I searched everywhere and all I could find was more questions on the same topic.

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There is actually quite a lot broken with the folder templates and customisation within Windows XP. Apparently, this was due to it being incorrectly programmed by teenaged interns (though I can't say whether or not this was true, it makes sense enough to me.)

There is no way to add a new template, but it is possible to achieve a similar effect by first assigning a folder to a particular template, then altering the specifics within the registry.

You need to identify the particular folder after changing it to one of the existing templates within the registry:


where [Whatever] will be any number

There is a REG_SZ string Value named FolderType for the TEMPLATE type to use: i.e. "MyMusic" for Music, "MyPictures" for images, "Documents" for 'Documents of any type' The text for these is located within the "%WINDIR%/shell.inf" file

The "Vid" REG_SZ String Value contains the Class ID for the "watermark" image. At this time, I cannot comment on what filetypes are valid, but bmp, gif, png or jpg should all be attempted.

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As one cannot find the names of the standard folder types in the registry, I believe that unfortunately they are built-into the Windows software.

As a proof I found, for example, "Pictures and Videos" as a unicode string inside shell32.dll. Moreover, it was found among other non-related strings. So it doesn't seem that there was any attempt to package together all the folder types, meaning that they were added one-by-one as new types were invented by the UI designers of Microsoft.

I am afraid that this sloppy and short-sighted manner of programming by Microsoft makes your request impossible. In any case, I don't believe you would want to hack shell32.dll.

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