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I'm looking for a filesystem that heals itself like ZFS, which allows to add and remove new (remote) devices at runtime (for example to add a partition of a disk on a new computer in the network: that disk could be used as local cache like for AndrewFS or extend the capacity/self healing abilities) and which allows to assign a media as "backup disk" (which should roughly translate to: Copy all changes to the disk until it is full and then request a new backup disk).

I need it for Linux but if it works for Windows, that would be great.

Is there something like this?

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yes, it is called .. well .. zfs. or btrfs.

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Can I assign a backup disk with zfs? What I'm looking for is something that allows a simple and safe way to backup 5TB of data on several disks. – Aaron Digulla Aug 2 '10 at 7:29

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