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A client of us, is going to transfer the files to our server. I need to check if the files exist in that inbound directory and if they are , move them to a different directory so I can read them from my code. I need to write a shell script for this. How do I iterate through files in that inbound directory?

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Maybe you want to check they are not in use...

find INBOUND -type f -mmin 10 -exec mv '{}' THEOTHERPLACE ';'

-mmin n : file's data was last modified n minites ago

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make a cronjob which does this:

find INBOUND -type f -exec mv '{}' THEOTHERPLACE ';'

the tricky part is to find out, if a file is not yet finished (eg, someone is still uploading). you could play around with fuse to find out, if someone is still writing to a file and ignore that file (for now).

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Write your script around rsync and let it do the work. It does intelligent synchronization of files - locally or on a remote server.

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