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My Nod32 have been catching something that is apparently identified as Python/Lesta.A worm. No matter how many times I tell Nod32 to delete and quarantine the file, it always re-appear, the situation will repeat about 3-4 times a day.

This thing has been creating a folder called "pamela" in one of my drives, it sometimes also creates a "xxx.folder" file, which Nod32 identifies as "Exploit/CodeBase virus".

I have Googled, and done pretty much everything related to this: a full scan in safe mode with no networking turned on, and also ran Ad-Aware, SpyBot, SpyHunter, ComboFix and cleaned the registry.

Any idea how I can completely get rid of this annoying virus/worm?

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You can find information about manually removing it. In particular, backup your registry then try removing the key:


You can find many tutorials for using the registry.

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Its probably a rootkit, try GMER to identify and remove it.

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