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I have a 30GB movie that I need to compress with VirtualDub using DivX codec (latest version). However, VirtualDub (or rather DivX) complains that

[i] Dub: Output (compression) format is: RGB888.
[E] Error: Video compression error: The source image format is not acceptable.
    (error code -2) 

BS Player shows the following details for the uncompressed movie:

The resolution is 1388x1040.
Surface type: RGB32 The color depth is (I think) 48 bit - DivX supports only 24/32 bits.

I think I need a VirtualDub filter to decrease the color depth but I cannot find one.

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I had this problem with WMV files (I have the WMV plugin). Other WMV files recoded in VirtualDub, but these were High Resolution 900 x 504 files.

I resolved this problem simply by selecting a Microsoft WMV codec. So this problem is just a codec problem. Having said this, the solution for each user is different depending on the INPUT file. You have to find the right codec for your input file & get VirtualDub to recongize that codec so it is in the list of codecs available to VirtualDub.

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I had to resize my movie in order to compress it.

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