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Could any one share where the ipv6 address stores in registry. I am using windows7. I am looking in the path... HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip6\Parameters\Interfaces{22025eb7-322d-47e4-9c6e-86fad5b06fb8}

for ipv6 address.. Is this right place? If this is right place i am not able to find the ip address which i set thru the Local area connection->Properties->Internet Protocol Version 6(Tcp/ip6)-> Properties -> Seleted the "Use the following IPv6 address" option button.

Then entered, ipv6, subnet prefixlen , gateway, dns1, dns2. But where it is saved in registry, i was not able to find. Please help me on this. Can any one give me hint that the key of registry?

Thanks, Haranadh

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If you want the current IP addresses (there can be multiple), from and command prompt (cmd or PowerShell) execute: ipconfig (or, for more details ipconfig /all).

You can also use netsh or WMI (class Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration) to get this information.

ipv6 address stores in registry

Often this will be determined dynamically via DHCP, so is non-persistent. So may not always be held in the registry.

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Hi Richard, Really many thanks for replying my question very quickly. I tried using the wmi class which you specified earlier. But the "enablestatic" method is failing while i am setting the ipv6 address. Is there any way we can set the ipv6 address using Wmi class (Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration). I am a developer, struggling a lot to fix this. I am using netsh hardcode command for fix this. If you can refer me a sample code will help me a huge. I should thanks you a ton. :) I am mainly looking for ipv6 address,sub net prefix length,gateway, dns1, alternatedns2 (for ipv6). yours hara – Haranadh Gupta Jul 31 '10 at 11:41
If netsh works, then just use that. (And I don't know of any samples using EnableStatic method of NetworkAdapterConfiguratio. If you want the WMI route, then start by checking the return value against the MSDN docs. – Richard Aug 1 '10 at 7:24

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