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I want to package my application for linux, I use zip/tar.gz/7z/rar to do the compress in Windows.

Because I do the compress in Windows, so when I extract the package in Linux, the file permission is reset.

The problem is Only the tar.gz can let me extract runable files, other format (zip/7z/rar) not (the file permission is reset to 644).

So my question is how to compress my files using zip/7z/rar while reset the permission to 755.

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As far as I know, zip and rar do not store permissions, I guess 7z also doesn't do it on Windows.

So you can't actually "set" the permisisons while compressing in these formats. I'd suggest using a tar based archive for linux targets. If you absolutely need zip or rar, consider using a script that calls chmod after unpacking.

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Zip does support *nix permissions, but there is no tool under Windows that lets you set them arbitrarily. It is possible to write a Python script that can set them though.

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