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I have an old copy of my PalmOS calendar, but no longer have the device. How can I import these into Thunderbird/Lighting or convert them to .ics?

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The short answer is that you cannot, at least not directly. Palm's Desktop application only supports exporting in their own Date Book Archive (.dba). Thunderbird/Lighting uses the standard (.ics - RFC 2445/RFC 5545) format.

palm2ical is a tool that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux. It's self contained.

The next problem was how to get the DatebookDB.PDB or CalendarDB-PDat.PDB file if you no longer have your PDA.

The page talks about:

Extracting the PDB file from your Palm

  1. Easy method — using an SD Card or LifeDrive
  2. Harder method — using HotSync
  3. Extracting the PDB file without your Palm (by using the Palm Simulator).

Once you have the database file (.pdb), you can run the utility:


palm2ical -o CalendarDB-PDat.ics CalendarDB-PDat.PDB
palm2ical CalendarDB-PDat.PDB > CalendarDB-PDat.ics

There are also other tools listed under "Similar Programs" although I have not tested them.

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A note: we used an online converter that converted to Excel/csv, and imported to Google calendar. I think the Palm calendar was very simplistic when it came to daylight savings. Check times on any future appointments. – Rich Homolka Jul 31 '12 at 3:55

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