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Is there a way to transfer the address book (contacts) from Lotus Notes 8.0 to Microsoft Outlook?

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Just select the contacts in domino directory use file/export choose csv then file/import/"other address book" in outlook.

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This works, I have done it. – JNK Sep 16 '10 at 17:12

I've always used Transend Migrator. A license costs about $50 if I recall correctly. There's a free trial as well.

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Depends on the number of contacts that you have, but I use MemoToo ( to store all my contacts in the cloud. That was I can have the same contacts on any client, mobile or desktop, Mac or Windows.

MemoToo is free for 50 contacts, but as I have over 2000 I oped to pay the £12 for a years unlimited subscription.

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