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I am new to KMPlayer and can't find the setting that resizes the application screen to the video's 100% size. Windows Media Player has "Fit Player to Video on Start", VLC has "resize interface to video size" and Media Player Classic has "Auto zoom to 100%". Can KMPlayer do this?

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Right click on the interface, and Screen Controls --> Start Playback In --> Original Size.

There's also Screen Controls --> Keep Video Frame To --> Normal Size (100%).

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Try this:

  1. Go to Screen Controls → Keep Video Frame To → Window Size (Default)
  2. Then, when playing video, go to fullscreen (Alt+Enter).
    • Alternatively, go to fullscreen overscan (Ctrl+Alt+Enter).
  3. Also, you can add adjustment: Screen Controls → Start Plyback In → Fullscreen (Normal).
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