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I have directory with *.wek files. Each day some application adds there about 10 new files. I want to archive only those 10 new files at certain time of the day. I've read about 7-zip mechanism but i haven't found how do i filter files for dates so only this day files will be archived.

Any help? thanks.

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do you want to put these 10 new files to a new archive or do you want to update an existing archive so at the end of the operation the existing archive contains 10 new files PLUS the old content? – akira Aug 2 '10 at 8:13
@akira, i want to put new files in archive and delete previous set. ie. delete file.7z, add only new files – eugeneK Aug 2 '10 at 8:24

I'm confused about what you're trying to do.

Option 1: Why not just zip the entire directory? The zip process doesn't care if there were 10 files yesterday, and 10 new ones that it added today.

Option 2: Create a batch file that deletes yesterday's zip file, then creates a new one for today.

Option 3: Create a batch file that archives the *.wek files one at a time. If the archived file already exists, don't do anything to that file.

Code for Option 3:

:: This file will backup *.wek files into *

:: i.e., abc.wek gets zipped into

:: If the matching zip file already exists, the original file does not get backed up.

:: i.e., if already exists, then cde.wek does not get backed up


:: change \path\to\files (below) to the correct path to your files that need to be backed up

:: change \path\to\archives (below, twice) to the correct location of your backup folder

:: change c:\tools\7zip\7za.exe (below) to the correct path to the 7-zip command-line tool ::

:: make sure we're on the C drive


:: change to our data directory

cd \path\to\files

:: create the backups

for %%k in (*.wek) do if not exist "c:\path\to\archives\" c:\tools\7zip\7za.exe a "c:\path\to\archives\" "%%k"

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