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Possible Duplicate:
How do I uninstall postgres on Mac OS? Can’t kill data

I'd like to uninstall postgres on Mac OS 10.6 and start again with a completely fresh installation and empty databases.

I am in some confusion at present, with multiple installs - I had a macports install and also an install from the KyngChaos binaries on the same machine, which caused problems.

I've been following the 'Manual Uninstallation' steps on this page. The only existing postgres that I know about is in /usr/local/pgsql, so I substituted that filepath in step 5. I've tried locate pg_config to see if there are any other installs floating around, and I can't see any. (although possibly that's the wrong command to use?)

However, when I reinstall with the KyngChaos binaries, I can still log into postgres as 'postgres' with my old login, and I can still see all my old databases, and data.

Where is this data coming from? Is it possible there's still another install on my machine, and if so, how can I found out where it is, and kill it?

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lsof | grep pg and/or lsof |grep ostgre and see if you can locate what data files are still in use by whatever postgresql process is running.

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