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I have a 2 TB HFS+-formatted external hard drive that got dropped a couple of days ago while transferring files onto a Macbook Pro. Now the drive's partitions won't mount. Disk Utility can see the drive, but doesn't recognize that it has any partitions.

I've tried using Data Rescue 2 to recover files off of it, but it couldn't find anything. In addition, our local computer repair shop said they couldn't find anything on there either.

I know that I could ship the drive off to someone like DriveSavers, but I was hoping for a cheaper option (since they start at about $500 for the attempt).

Is there something else I could try on my own? Would TestDisk be able to help with something like this?

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Its best if you let the professionals handle the hd, you wouldn't want to screw up such a lovely piece of tech :)

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Give Spinrite a try. There's a bunch of testimonials -- take them as you will.

It's not free and you'll need to mount the drive in PC hardware.

Can you hear the drive spin up?

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