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I'm having a problem with Chrome on a Ubuntu netbook edition install. Every time I restart Chrome the "Default search" option list has cleared. I can do 'Manage' and add google back in, but if I stop and start Chrome, the list is empty again.

I'm running the stable version of Chrome and this has been like this for months now.

Anyone had a similar issue or know what could possibly cause this?

I've tried to reinstall chrome, run the unstable version and various other things I hoped would make the problem go away. None of that worked. I'd prefer a solution that actually finds the underlying issue and fixes it.

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Reinstalling or clearing profile just seems to work until the next restart. Apparently the issue is known and people work on it: -

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May be its a simple setting that is giving you problems.
Try: Settings -> Options -> {Then set your home page}
if that doesn't work simply reinstall. I think that should do it :)

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I ended up deleting ~/.config/google-chrome/Default starting chrome after that creates a new profile, meaning all bookmarks history and everything is gone. Now it works.

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