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I am looking for a socket 478 motherboard for my old 3GHz Pentium 4 HT processor & found a 865chipset board which claims DDR2. But I am not sure if 865 really supports DDR2 ?

Here is the link to product :

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The Intel 865 chip-set doesn't support DDR2.

They didn't introduce DDR2 support until the 915 chip-set generation.

Check out Wikipedia's info on it here.

Intel's info on the 865G chip-set's memory compatibility (specifically on the Intel D865GBFL board) is here:

The Desktop Board D865GBF has four DIMM sockets and supports the following memory features:

  • 2.6 V (only) 184-pin DDR SDRAM DIMMs with gold-plated contacts
  • Unbuffered, single-sided or double-sided DIMMs with the following restriction: Double-sided DIMMs with x16 organization are not supported.
  • 4 GB maximum total system memory
  • Minimum total system memory: 64 MB
  • Non-ECC DIMMs
  • Serial Presence Detect
  • DDR400, DDR333, and DDR266 SDRAM DIMMs

Hope that helps.

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The specifications pdf on page 13 (Under revision History) says it supports DDR(type1) 266, 333, 400, no mention of DDR2

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