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I'm trying to fill a range with fractions i.e. 1/3, 1/5, 1/7, 1/9 etc. When i try to drag the fill handle down it gives me all kinds of odd results. e.g.-1/8, -1/5, -2/7 etc. Any ideas on how to get Excel to just continue the series?


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Make it into three columns.

Make a nominator column, and a denominator column. Then make a column with the formula.

1  3  =1/3
1  4  =1/4
1  5  =1/5
1  6  =1/6
1  7  =1/7

If it's not a regular interval it excel won't be able to intuit the pattern.

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I must be particlarly thick today. 1 in a1 3 in b1 and what exactly in c1? – Auto Aug 3 '10 at 2:14
@Auto in C1: =A1/B1 – box9 Aug 3 '10 at 3:06
+1 to dtang. Format c1 as a fraction in "format cells" (CTRL+1) and it'll work. I tested it. – JNK Aug 3 '10 at 10:30
Forgot to thank... my bad. So, THANK YOU! – Auto Oct 28 '10 at 23:34
@Auto - Happy to help. If it worked for you, please accept the answer. – JNK Oct 29 '10 at 2:19

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