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Ubuntu 10.04 recognizes my iPod Touch because when I connect it an icon pops up on the desktop and I can also play the files from rhythmbox. I installed gtkpod and tried to access the iPod but it doesn't see it.

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Ubuntu 10.04 automatically mounts your iPod when it is plugged in; mounting it somewhere else is a waste of time.

The default path is /home/$user/.gvfs/$ipodname where $user is your username and $ipodname is the name assigned to your iPod when you set it up on iTunes.

FYI: you will need to sync with iTunes at least once.

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I found this website - sometimes it works, but it can crash on occasion and is slow.

How to sync an iPod with Ubuntu 10.04 using GTKpod and ifuse

If I run Windows in VMware Player I can also access the iPod there just like in Windows.

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