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I'm using Red Hat 5.4.

I have installed a package using yum the package was wireshark.

However, after it has installed. Where can I find the rpm package?

I would like to locate the actual wireshark.rpm package so that I can install it on another machine that is not connected to the Internet.

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Take a look under /var/cache/yum directory.

They should be there unless you have some kind of autocleanup going on. If you do, try this command:

find /var/cache/yum -iname '*.rpm' –

If there's nothing there, see the cachedir variable in /etc/yum.conf and check out what's the current directory for storing packages. It can also be that tmpwatch or some other daily cron cleanup has cleared the /var/cache/yum.

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The rpm cache directory location can be found in /etc/yum.conf


You should change the $basearch and $releasever, values based on your red hat release version.

If you want to keep the rpm cache after installation the keep cache value should be set 1 in:



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You also can install the download only plugin for yum which causes the rpms to be downloaded to the cache directory but not installed.

yum install yum-plugin-downloadonly

Then use it with the --downloadonly flag.

yum install --downloadonly -y wireshark

Then you will find the rpms in the cache directory as set by your /etc/yum.conf

e.g cachedir=/var/tmp/yum/cache/$basearch/$releasever

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in my case, i had to do yum reinstall --downloadonly – Jayen Jan 1 at 3:56

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