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I'm using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4, and I was able to successfully define my own keyboard. The problem is that now when I use Ctrl+<key> combinations, it doesn't use my new key but instead uses the old key that exists there.

For example, if I bind N to B, you would expect that Ctrl+N would now send a Ctrl+B but instead it sends Ctrl+N.

How can I get these Ctrl+Key combinations to use my new keys instead?

I tried adding the keys to the "Ctrl" layout, but it didn't work either.

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You need to modify the .klc file manually.

Basically you just modify the VK_ column to match the value in column 1.

So for example if you want to bind L to N, you would create the keyboard as you normally would in KLC. Then you would open the KLC file in a text editor. Find the value L in the VK_ column, and switch it to an N.

For more information, I wrote the complete steps on my blog.

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Many thanks, it was driving me nuts! – Zequez Nov 23 '13 at 20:57

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