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I pasted a rather large chunk of XML into gVim (on Windows) to edit it. The tool the generates the XML does not put in any linebreaks so the XML pastes as a single line, which makes it rather hard to read/edit/verify. I tried the usual formatting trick gg=G, but this does nothing, probably because it's not bad formatting to have everything on a single line. Is there a quick and easy way to force the linebreaks and formatting?

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then G=gg

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Hmm not bad, but now the value of each element is on a new line with the closing tag. I was hoping for something like "<a>value</a>", but I get "<a> \r value</a>" – FrustratedWithFormsDesigner Aug 3 '10 at 14:58
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Short of using xmllint, I found I could clean it up with 2 regular expressions:


and THEN run gg=G. The purpose of the second regex is to fix things like:


and turn them into <a></a>

Seems to work OK and I can't find any lost/mangled data. I guess I could make that whole thing into a macro or something...

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