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All my shortcuts on Desktop and in the Start Menu open the same program instead of what they were supposed to open. I don't know how I messed them up.

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What program are they opening? – Roger Aug 3 '10 at 16:18

I think Microsoft recently released a patch that has to do with shortcuts. That may have broken them.

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This registry entry will fix it for you. It has a list of the default file associations all saved in .REG format for all versions of Windows from XP and up. When a program goes in and messes up certain key elements (i.e. EXE, SCR, BAT, CMD, REG, etc), the only options are to replace the affected areas with a registry entry from a known working system that is running the same version of Windows as you, or re-installing from scratch. This page is a favourite in my cell phone, as I can always download the patch I need whereever I am for my customers.

What this page does is give you a .REG file to run, which should default to adding the information back to the registry to restore the default command for whatever filetype you are looking for; in this isntance, look for the .LNK fix

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