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I am on shared LAN internet coming from some other admin computer. Most of the time when i start the computer i see the two monitors icon signaling that lan is connected. However sometimes when i start my computer that icon does not appear and i am unable to connect to internet even though signals in my device are coming full then the only solution is to restart the computer. Isn't there a way to bring that icon back and connect to the internet. Also any suggestion on why it doesn't appear on windows startup.

I have up to date antivirus Avira Win XP SP2

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fyi - XP sp2 has reached end of life. It is no longer supported and will no longer get new security patches. You should update it to service pack 3. This is a free update. – Joel Coehoorn Aug 3 '10 at 20:25
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This can be a number of things and unfortunately, without seeing the machine, it is hard to advise.

The first thing I would do is check for a driver update for your network card as I have seen problems like this in the past.

Next, I would check that the adapter is being correctly discovered as if it is internal, there could be some sort of hardware problem - Right click on My Computer to go to Computer Management and then expand device manager and make sure it is listed under Network Adapters AND there is no sort of yellow triangle - if there is a triangle, try to see what the error is.

If it does not show under Device Manager, take a look in the system event log as you should see a few warnings.

Lastly, if it is found but there is just some random error - try going to Control Panel > Network Adapters then right clicking on your device and choose Disable then re-enable it.

As an extra, sometimes DHCP can just mess up in some environments - it may be worth trying to assign a static address to your machine as it is possible that everything is working but DHCP is not assigning a correct address. Without seeing your network, I can't say what address to try.

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Those 2 monitors are an indicator of a network connection. If you have no connection on boot, it is likely an issue with your network or your NIC (network interface card). I am guessing your NIC is the issue.

The next time this happens, go to

Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Network Connections

and see what is listed. If there is no connection listed, the PC is not seeing your network card and you likely need a replacement.

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