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my dell vostro 1520 crashed while i was installing drivers of windows 7 64bit. when i tried to update the bios it suddenly hanged. it remained in that state for a long time and was not getting off even by pressing and holding the power button. i removed the battery and after again installing the battery laptop is not giving any display of startup and all the caps lock lights are blinking. what the problem is this. i am worry about my laptop. please tell me the solution

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DON'T PANIC! At worst your computer is dead, but there's an extremely high chance that it can be easily fixed. On modern computers a part of BIOS is left after flash just for situations like this. You'll probably have to get a flash drive and copy some files to it and press some key combination after starting system. It should be able to pick up BIOS on flash drive and install it. On older systems, the procedure is same but uses floppy disks instead of flash drives. I don't know the exact information for Dell, but someone here must, so good luck. Hopefully someone will soon post exact answer. –  AndrejaKo Aug 3 '10 at 22:25
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If it's under warranty, you should really send it back. If it's not... Then we'll try to go from there.

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