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I suppose the boot manager for linux is called grub, how do I change the splash image for it?


the methods mentioned don't quite do what I want. This grub is customized for linux mint it seems, (or something like that). It uses a graphical menu, this line in /boot/grub/menu.lst is responsible for that.

## Graphical boot menu location
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This article gives details on how to set it up. A summary:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick  # if you don't already have it
cd /boot/grub
sudo mkdir images
sudo cp menu.lst menu.lst.bak  # make a backup just in case
cd images
cp /path/to/image.jpg .
sudo convert -resize 640x480 -colors 14 image.jpg splashimage.xpm
sudo gzip splashimage.xpm

Now to tell grub to use that image...

sudo gedit ../menu.lst  # or your favorite editor

Add the following line below the initial comments:

splashimage (hd0,1)/boot/grub/images/splashimage.xpm.gz

Note: the (hd0,1) might be different for you, check the list of kernels in menu.lst to see what it needs to be.

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If using the command line is not your thing, you can use a tool called "Start-up manager", which simplifies things.

screenshot of the Start-up manager

It can be used to change lots of options, including the Grub background image.

The tool can be found via aptitude (Debian distribs), more info at :

(Be careful changing boot options, as it could render your system unbootable.)

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