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I recently upgraded to 10.04 and am pretty pleased. I have XP on the same drive, different partition. I would like to use VirtualBox to run XP while I am running Ubuntu. I've seen some directions for using VMWare but I don't want to install another piece of software. Here are some questions:

  1. What version of Virtualbox works with 10.04?
  2. What are the steps to create a setup that runs off a pre-existing XP installation?
  3. Are there easier ways of doing this?
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I'll try to answer your questions:

  1. You can install the last version from official site, or you can install the last version of OSE (Open Source edition) from your repo: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose
  2. There is no way in VirtualBox to run OS directly from physical partition, but there is the way to convert physical partition to virtual drive. Check this article
  3. The easier way is the new Windows XP installation in the VirtualBox, but if you need to use your existing installation - use VMWare.
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