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I'm trying to run less in Linux, and I want it to search for something immediately after launch.

It's basically like doing this:

$ less

Then press '/', type a search pattern like "^commit \w+$", then press enter, and press 'n' to find each subsequent result.

I'd like less to be launched, and then search for a pattern. There doesn't seem to be anything in the man page about starting with a pattern, but perhaps you can send it commands like Vim.

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Awesome, put this in your git config: core.pager = less -cFRX --pattern='^commit' and you'll be able to go to the next commit with the 'n' key right away. –  Neil Aug 19 '10 at 2:37

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From the man page:

   -ppattern or --pattern=pattern
          The  -p  option  on the command line is equivalent to specifying
          +/pattern; that is, it tells less to start at the  first  occur-
          rence of pattern in the file.

This works as expected using the latest version of less (436).

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You can use + to send arbitrary commands. E.g.:

less +/pattern

-p PATTERN (as posted by nik) is equivalent to +/PATTERN.

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You mean like?

less -p PATTERN filename

That is in the manual.

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There is indeed somthing in the less manpage.

You could try :

less -p<pattern>


less --pattern=<patern>
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