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I have created a local repository and its URL is file:///F:/subversion/MyProject And I checked out MyProject to my local works fine..

But when I try to CheckOut on a WorkGroup Computer using

URL: file:///Server_Name/F:/subversion/MyProject .. it gives an error like

Error: Unable to open an ra_local session to url.

Error: Unable to open repository file:///Server_Name/F:/subversion/MyProject

I also tried Server_Name/file:///F:/subversion/MyProject


I have shared the folder subversion(with same sharename--subversion) on F: drive and I use the URL: \\servername\subversion\MyProject but still it gives same error Any clues ??

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I think, you chose incorrect way to share repository. Try to use this manual. It is for Unix, but on Windows procedure must be the same.

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