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I do not want to use MS Office autocorrect option that is changing automatically straigh quotes to curly quotes ("smart quotes").

Most of the time I prefere straight quotes, but sometimes, in a selected place, I would like to change a straight quote to a smart quote. How can I do that?

I am using MS Office 2007 PowerPoint.

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If you know exactly when you want an individual curly quote, why not type it in directly?

Alt+NumPad 0147 will give you a left double quotation mark, i.e while holding down the Alt key, press 0-1-4-7 on the Numeric Pad.

Alt+NumPad 0148 will give you a right double quoation mark

If you open charmap and search for 'quotation mark' you can find the numpad codes for other types of quotation marks also. Note that the leading zero is important to make it work, otherwise you might see ôö instead of “”.

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Easiest way would be a find-and-replace, using Regular Expressions to check whether there is a character after the " or not to determine which direction to point the quotes.

For what it is worth, "smart quotes" are not generally supported in, for example, copy-paste operations on the Web due to lack of support for those characters - you are likely to run into errors if you try.

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