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I have a worksheet with a series of rows A1 - H1 etc and a drop down list which lives in H1, I would really like to change the cell styles of all the cells between A1 - H1 based on the value in H1.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've had little success with conditional formatting so far.

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What version of Excel do you have? – JNK Aug 5 '10 at 23:27
2007. So far i've got to =INDIRECT("M"&ROW())=1 which works, but I can't get =INDIRECT("M"&ROW())=Status to work for some reason! – toomanyairmiles Aug 5 '10 at 23:39
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Nailed it. Select the range of cells you want to format and then choose conditional formatting > manage rules. Create a new rule and choose "use a formula to determine which cells to format"

Enter =INDIRECT("M"&ROW())="Old" where M is the column you want to detect the value in and "Old" is the value you want the change based on.

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Good job! I was going to give up but I'll put this one in my archives. – JNK Aug 5 '10 at 23:47

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