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Is there a hotkey I can use or configure to mute the mic on a 13" MacBook Pro (MPB)?

I would prefer an icon or notification to confirm that it is set (even if I need to toggle the option).

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I feel this might be outdated for Mountain Lion. See my question here: apple.stackexchange.com/questions/66190/… –  kenny Oct 11 '12 at 18:37

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You can simply Alt-Click on Sound/Speaker icon in the menubar, then select Line In as Input Device to mute the mic.

When you want it back, just select Internal microphone again.


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On my Macbook Pro I don't have this option. The only input device available is the internal microphone. –  Steven Mar 10 at 17:14

This can also be accomplished with a simple AppleScript:

tell application "System Events" to set volume input volume 0

Reverse the process:

tell application "System Events" to set volume input volume 100


By the way, Soundsource is a free application that gives you nice easy sliders to toggle Speaker/Microphone levels from the menu bar, without the need for pesky extra dialogs.

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Soundsource seems awesome –  wag2639 Aug 10 '10 at 16:34
Soundsource isn't available from rogueamoeba any more and even if y0u can get it from other sites, it hasn't been updated for Mac OS X 10.9 so doesn't run. :-( –  RobG Feb 25 at 13:20

This works best, especially if you want to assign this script to a Hotkey:

set inputVolume to input volume of (get volume settings)
if inputVolume = 0 then
    set inputVolume to 100
    set inputVolume to 0
end if
set volume input volume inputVolume

This method doesn't require you to activate the System Preference GUI, or to go through the volume settings of whichever app is active. Instead it is getting the system's volume settings, and then checking to see if the input volume is already 0--if it is it will set the input volume to 100, and if it isn't it will mute the input volume.

Works like a charm.

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This worked for me -- added a hotkey for it via Alfred screencast.com/t/6d1wfz97mjfj -- now i just need some kind of visual key on what the current status is –  Alan Blount Jun 26 '12 at 14:05
Relevant link: github.com/pborenstein/togglemic –  spuder Jan 13 at 16:30
This doesn't work entirely for me (at least on OSX 10.8). It only seems like it has muted it (displaying zero on the sound preferences input panel), but it actually is just a low threshold, and if I tap on my computer, or speak with a somewhat raised voice, it still picks up sound. –  kenny Mar 19 at 18:30

Try MuteMyMicFree. It sits in the menu bar so you can adjust the input mic level from zero to max. It takes two clicks (one to open the control and another to set the level), but it's free and does the job less obtrusively than other suggestions.

The Alfred workflow might be good, but you have to buy the power pack on top of the free application to load or even create workflows.

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