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Canadian English on Apple products
Change Safari language setting? (Mac OS X)

I bought MacBook Pro lately from Cambridge, UK, so I expected my language preference to be set to British English. But when I'm typing in Safari it suggests me American English spellings. For example, when I type Colour, it asks me to correct it to Color!

How do I change language preferences and dictionary in Mac OS X?

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Almost exact duplicate of Canadian English on Apple products (just a different variant of English). Also check out Change Safari Language Setting for how to change it for just Safari. – Chealion Aug 7 '10 at 16:06

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Go to the Language & Text preferences:

lang & text

If British English isn't there, click Edit List… and add it:

british english

Then drag it to the top. You might also want to change stuff in the Formats & Input Sources tab.

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