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Most of us "superusers" are regularly asked to fix computers for friends or family. To improve my chances of repairing a PC (or at least recovering important data) on the spot, I would like to assemble a portable kit of hardware and software tools that I can keep in my car.

What would you put in your "computer repair toolkit"?

One tool per answer please, so that the best tools can be voted to the top.


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  • Telephone (knowledge everywhere!)
  • Laptop with Working network cable
  • Linux live CD
  • screwdrivers and
  • UMTS card
  • multimeter (for wirechecking)

on my BartCD (a bootable USB stick actually) i have the following:

WinHex - the ultimate in data recovery

Partition Table Doctor & Test Disk/PhotoRec


Ghost, DIXML and Drive Snapshot

HDD Regenerator

Unstoppable Copier

Total Commander


Sysinternals Suite

... and other more or less useful stuff

i still carry a few CDs with me, such as Knoppix, SysClone, Administrator's Pak/ERD Commander SpinRite, NT Offline password editor.


A bag of known working cables of several types. Network, usb, etc.


for a list of useful software tools to have (usb key/boot cd), look at my answer to a similar question


Well, I just found this... but you might be interested to review my web page on the topic -

(I'll definitely review the items here to see if anything posted is missing...)


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