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I’m using two swap disks. Changing the order they are in in /etc/fstab and using pri in fstab doesn’t seem to have any effect.

This is what it looks like in the /etc/fstab:

#swap on other disk
UUID=90a1550c-84d6-4bde-8bc1-7c15292980f1 none            swap    sw,pri=-1              0       0

#swap on same disk
UUID=13b70e65-f1c3-4728-920f-9e92467d1df0 none            swap    sw,pri=-2              0       0

This is the output of swapon -s:

Filename            Type        Size       Used   Priority
/dev/sda1           partition   2562328 176    -1
/dev/sdb1           partition   2562328 0      -2

It’s the opposite of what it is in fstab, and changes to fstab seem to have no effect.

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All seems fine.

pri=-1 and pri=-2 in your fstab means sda1 is a priority.

If you want the inverse, remove the '-'. You should have sw,pri=1 for sda1 and sw,pri=2 for sda2.

Reboot and re-check.

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my fstab doesnt show the swap priority configuration, I wonder how it is being automated here – Aquarius Power Feb 25 '15 at 21:12

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