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What is wrong with my SD card and is it salvageable? At very least to get the current data off.

Information: I have an 8 GB Transcend Class 6 SDHC card that I got for my camera recently. It was working fine until one day out hiking the camera just reported that it could not save and there were no pictures on the card. I plugged it into my computer (running Ubuntu 10.04) and it said:

Error mounting: Mount: /dev/sdb1: Can't read superblock

It is partitioned with a master boot record and a FAT file system. nothing out of the ordinary that I can tell. What might be wrong and is it at all possible for me to recover those pictures?

And no, I did not drop anything.

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Looks like Ubuntu is getting confused and trying to mount it as an ext3/4 filesystem (which have superblocks). You might want to try mounting it explicitly as vfat.

mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /your_mount_point_for_SD_cards

HOWEVER, I'm guessing something has actually corrupted the thing. If it shows up in your device table at all (ls /dev/sdb*) then you might be able to see if it's still readable with the dd command. something like "dd if=/dev/sdb1 bs=1024k count=10 | less" should give you an idea if it's readable. Even if readable, the ability to reconstruct previous files is questionable.

You could also try mounting it on another computer but that's a long shot.

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Try sudo fdisk -l instead of ls /dev/sdb*. – Hello71 Aug 8 '10 at 23:06
Well, I've also tried it in windows XP. that just broke it to tears and begged me never to do it again I'm convinced. XP was stumbling all over it's self trying to mount and access the card. the dd command you gave failed. I'm thinking the card is toast... :( – Narcolapser Aug 8 '10 at 23:52

I know it's late but could be helpful for other with this problem in future.

I too had this issue with my mobile's SD card and I couldn't browse my card from neither Ubuntu nor Windows, but the partition was FAT32 so I had hope to fix it with Windows (after having no success in Ubuntu).

CHKDSK f: /F /V /R /X

f: was my SD card with the problem.


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This may not be much use if you are trying to recover data but I had the same issue with a blank SD card on Fedora and after plugging it back into a camera and running a format from there, it began working again on Linux.

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There's a Windows application called BadCopy Pro that's usually a last stop for data recovery on flash cards.

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