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I want to add a date field to letter template in Word 2003 (windows version).

However, I want to update it only when the template is opened - I don't want to auto-update it in the resulting file, when it is opened, let's say, month later.

Is that possible?

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I believe the CreateDate field does what you are asking, as long as you are using a proper .dot template file and not a standard .doc that is opened and re-saved.

Note that you will have to manually update the field (eg, select it and press F9 or use the right-click menu) to get it refresh - but it should show the creation date of the derived document, and not the template.

Add fields by using Insert - Field... on the menu bar, select Date and Time in the Categories box to make this easier to find.

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yes, this is it – Karel Bílek Aug 9 '10 at 16:07

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